Preparing for a job in the Knowledge Economy

The 3 Rs & 4 Cs

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This morning, I was constantly thinking what value can I give my early subscribers and I came across a Facebook memory. It was a paragraph taken from the book,"Thank you for Being Late" by Thomas Friedman.

In the paragraph, Thomas Friedman mentioned in his view, to compete successfully for jobs in the Knowledge Economy, everyone of us need the 3 Rs, namely Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, followed by 4 Cs which is Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Coding.

Surprisingly, this ties in very well with being a Data Scientist. I believed that as a practising data scientist, we do need to Read more to keep up with the latest (infra, algo, business). We do need to wRite more as it makes us structure our thought process better. We do need strong aRithmetic skills, to understand our work better.

And I did state down in my blog posts on how to be a GREAT data scientist, the 4 Cs mentioned by Thomas Friedman are right in there, well to be exact it is three out of the four as I believed that coding is essential. If you are interested, below are the two posts:

Data Scientist: From Good to Great (I)

Data Scientist: From Good to Great (II)

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